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The Journal is online too in the Algerian Scientific Journal Platform - ASJP

The editorial team is pleased to announce the release of the eighth edition of JFMO :

Download here the 8th edition of JFMO

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief :

  • Professor Abdelmadjid SNOUBER, Oran,Algeria
Associate editors 
  • Professor Leila HOUTI, Oran, Algeria
  • Professor Helmi BENSAAD,Tunisia
  • Doctor Amina CHENTOUF, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Merouane BOUKRISSA, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Jean françois Tessier,France
  • Professor Nassima MOUSSAOUI, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Jacques RODRIGUEZ, FRANCE
  • Doctor Malika METAHRI, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Samya TARIGHT ,Algiers,Algeria
  • Professor Nadia BESSAIH, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Abdelbaki BOUKERCHE, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Wefa BOUGHRARA, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Karima SIFI ,Constantine,Algeria
  • Professor Badra CHOUICHA, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Aicha Dahdouh, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Azzeddine SIMERABET, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Abdelkader REZOUG, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Mourad NACHI, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Hanane HOCINE ,Algiers,Algeria
  • Professor Mohamed Lamine ATIF,Blida

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