About journal

It should be noted that the Journal de la Faculté de Médecine d’Oran (J.F.M.O) has not come out of thin air. It has historical landmarks and pioneers. This is the realization of a dream of hospital-academics who wanted to endow their faculty with a scientific journal that befits its history and its academic career.After a rich experience of this group respectively at CRASC (Centre de Recherche en Anthropologie Sociale et culturelle) of Oran with the birth of "SENS", a journal dealing with environmental sciences related to health. Then the Research Unit in Social Sciences and Health to contribute to the strengthening of editions " GRAS notebooks and footprints », this same group landed at the Faculty of Medicine at the end of November 2015 to implement JFMO, among others projects.Thus, was born JFMO on November 17, 2016, and it is in its tenth edition. A first in the annals of the faculty of medicine of Oran, since there was an abortive attempt in 1998 with the birth of the number 0 of “la revue médicale des sciences de l’Ouest”.

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