The aim of Journal de la faculté de médecine d'Oran is to make health science production visible and accessible nationally and internationally. It is intended for all health actors in a multidisciplinary perspective (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, basic, human and social sciences). The vocation of the journal is to support research in the health sciences,to promote the sharing knowledge between researchers and actors in the field. Publications in French or English must be in accordance with "Instructions to authors"(, For this purpose,submission of articles is made exclusively online at the following adress :

New number


 journal n8


The Journal is online too in the Algerian Scientific Journal Platform - ASJP

The editorial team is pleased to announce the release of the ninth edition of JFMO :

Download here the 9th edition of JFMO

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief :

  • Professor Abdelmadjid SNOUBER, Oran,Algeria
Associate editors 
  • Professor Leila HOUTI, Oran, Algeria
  • Professor Helmi BENSAAD,Tunisia
  • Doctor Amina CHENTOUF, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Merouane BOUKRISSA, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Jean françois Tessier,France
  • Professor Nassima MOUSSAOUI, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Jacques RODRIGUEZ, FRANCE
  • Doctor Malika METAHRI, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Samya TARIGHT ,Algiers,Algeria
  • Professor Nadia BESSAIH, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Abdelbaki BOUKERCHE, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Wefa BOUGHRARA, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Karima SIFI ,Constantine,Algeria
  • Professor Badra CHOUICHA, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Aicha Dahdouh, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Azzeddine SIMERABET, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Abdelkader REZOUG, Oran,Algeria
  • Doctor Mourad NACHI, Oran,Algeria
  • Professor Hanane HOCINE ,Algiers,Algeria
  • Professor Mohamed Lamine ATIF,Blida
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